DialTrackers™ allows customers to effectively manage and track responses to callbacks from marketing efforts. Our innovative auto attendants, known as “Trackers”, Geo-Targeted Caller ID’s Auto Attendant easily files callers into each category for SMS Opt-in, Opt-out DNC, and even LT for Live Transfers. All the call activity is tracked in real time and displayed in reports and results spreadsheets available for download.


  • The Tracker ID is the phone number for accessing the Auto Attendant and is issued instantly upon creating a Tracker
  • The press button options for the Auto Attendant can be configured and customized for maximum flexibility
  • Custom greetings can be loaded to the audio files tab like and selected in the drop-down when creating Tracker
  • SMS can be sent to a caller that presses the option for receiving SMS, and the message is customizable to include web URLs, product information and much more
  • Multi-layered auto attendants can be configured by pointing transfers from one Tracker to another Tracker if complex Auto Attendants are needed
  • Each Tracker can handle 100's of concurrent calls session by default


Trackers are *FREE, there are no charges for phone numbers, minutes, account setup and tracking!
*Trackers are free depending on which service you have.
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